Focus – An Art Project (China)

Exhibition China
  • Focus - An Art Project
  • 18/07/2012
  • Ceramic, Fiberglass, Wood, Canvas
  • 5m. x 3m.

Project Info

Small things can be sensed or explained differently when they are big or when they are really small. Reality is most of the time only understood by doing. Then still why there is misunderstanding? What is creating the trouble? Where do you see a mistake? Sometimes there is or are no reasons. Rules are there but they are there to be broken. So the new rules can be written. Thoughts are mainly influenced by our own emotions. Emotions are changing continuously, so do our thoughts. It isn’t necessary to blindly follow yourself or others.
A question to me, myself and to every other individual, are we seeing the same thing, does it makes any sense? There is no right or wrong. There is only this moment, a small story of a very long life. So why to try to understand? Why not creating our own stories?

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