The Great Question of Art

Art for Art’s sake 

Art as an act that manifest being which brings world into being. Contemporary art could be defined as the opening of a form that is above all a question, the form of a question

Contemporary art, therefore, begins from “this shapeless state of self.”  It is on this shaky ground that it asks the question “What is art?” necessarily in a new way, one that Duchamp prefigures— perhaps as a lone but increasingly influential precursor, his influence increasing with the accelerating evaporation of the master narratives.

Perhaps a question does not entirely make a world or a world in which the circulation of meaning is solely an interrogative and anxious circulation, sometimes anguished:

it’s a difficult world, a fragile world an unsettling world.

To describe Contemporary Art we can use the French term: ‘Mondialisation’ — the worldwide creation and circulation of sense by all concerned— over the EuroAmerica-centric economic and geopolitical schematism underlying the term ‘globalization’.